Published on October 5, 2012, by in Triumphs.

I went for months without weighting myself or logging my nutrition on Paleo Track. So, when I returned from my son’s wedding I decided to step up and check it out. I knew I was taking liberties and things were feeling snug. You know even without the scale when you are off track. The scale was a way to snap some clarity to it. I had drifted further from my comfort zone than I realized. I am purposely leaving out the numbers because I still feel strongly that numbers are not the most important gauge. The scale should only be one guideline with your goal a healthy body fat percentage. Keep in mind that your weight is about your health not your beauty. Plus, weight fluctuates ridiculously from day to day with too many elements factored in like water retention, time of the month and some days you are just one giant poop away from making a lighter weight. I refused to go back and totally police myself by the scale. However, I see that it would benefit me to occasionally check in with reality from time to time. I cannot separate myself completely from measurements. Left to my own, it appears, I will gradually lose discipline, for the time being anyway. Though the scale and I have had our differences, I have reconciled to the point of keeping our relationship to acquaintance. I will visit my scale occasionally, but not obsessively. One week of tracking and fine tuning those liberties and I am almost back within my comfort zone. Though I had stuck to 80-90% Primal diet and kept my workout schedule, I was not watching portions, eating too many nuts, potatoes too often and too much cheese. Oh and the worse damage was the Firefly. My encouragement to those reading would be, if you must, use a scale as an occasional tool. Too often we can easily fall into bondage to things that should hold no power over us. Like letting the numbers on the scale determine our day’s outlook. Even our own thoughts and views of ourselves can hinder us from becoming all that we are intended. Too quickly we begin concentrating on our shortcomings, focusing on all the things we think we are not. And then, we compare ourselves in so many unhealthy ways to others. If you find yourself taking these negative paths, catch yourself, before you curse yourself. Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, beautifully unique in a way no other person on this earth could duplicate. Keep perspective and do not allow matters of no consequence to rob you of joy.