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This week I have the perfect way to start out the New Year. Are you ready for a Challenge? I would like to introduce you to the Faith Push Challenge.  My nephew Joshua Wilson is taking his mother on a journey through a 60 day challenge to better health and nutrition.  Publicly, Brave move!  Not unlike most of us, Faith has struggled with losing weight and maintaining a healthy nutritional lifestyle.  She is determined  to take on this challenge and make huge positive changes.  What that means for you is, you can join in this challenge!  The Faith Push challenge is into week two, however what is great about the World Wide Web is you can start with Day 1 of the challenge when you are ready.   The bonus with this challenge is you can work out with personal trainer Jason Wyns, CSCS.  Jason Wyns is certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can join in with these progressive workout sessions.  Maybe you already have a fitness routine, but can’t make a workout or you are traveling.   No problem,  you can actually do these workouts on any day, anywhere, right from your computer.

The Faith Push Challenge is starting off with Mark Sisson’s  ”The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation” If you would like to follow along  you can find the book here by clicking on the link below. You can either order a copy of the book or download it electronically.a

The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation












Today I stopped by FAITH PUSH to post a video message. Check it out, join the challenge or just offer your own encouragement for Faith as she  ventures on a new path of health and fitness.  Go to FAITH PUSH to view the video message.




There are two new additions to Cheeky Fit and Fifty.

On the sidebar I have added a new section where you can share your favorite recipes.  If you have a Primal/Paleo recipe you would like to share, please select the “Share a Recipe” on the sidebar and fill out the form. You can also upload pictures of your recipes.  Looking forward new yummy recipes!

Also I have added a link to My Zazzle Store. Look for new products coming soon.

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