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Happy New Year Everyone! I am hoping everyone will have an exceptional year of health, fitness and faith.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly allowed myself some liberties over the holidays.   I stayed primal for the most part, but I did allow myself a cheat meal the last day of my time off.  Pizza. I cannot even remember the last time I ate pizza. I could not believe my taste buds were actually detecting all the sugar in the pizza!   Until now I never tasted the sugar in  my pizza. Ok, I won’t lie. My taste buds were enjoying my reckless indulgence.  I ate a lot over the holidays and exercised less than normal.  So I wasn’t surprised when visited the scale for an assessment of the damage and found I had some weight gain.  I was surprised by the fact that it was not very significant, just over a few pounds away from where I have been maintaining.  I was expecting to have more damage control with all the extra Primal Brownies and extra snacking.  I do feel very puffy, bloated and sluggish, which I am planning remedy for.

I do not make New Year’s “resolutions”.  Instead, I tend to make goals then map out some steps to make my way toward those goals. Maybe it’s the same thing, just different terminology.  So I am going to list some things that I think will help me with attaining my goals and hopefully help and encourage you also.

I would like to lean out and work on some definition in my body shape, make the move past just maintaining.  The first step I am taking with this goal is to start tracking my nutrition more diligently.  I want to fine tune areas of my diet that may be hindering me from my goals.   For those who follow a Primal/Paleo lifestyle “Paleo Track” is an awesome free site for tracking your nutrition. I have found that  all the  nutritional information that is tracked is relevant for a Primal/Paleo diet, extremely detailed and the site is user friendly.  CrossFit Pinnacle members starting the “Paleo Challenge” next week, this will be a very resourceful tool. Below is an example of some tracking I enter yesterday and the results. You can click on the image to sign up and start tracking.


1-3-2013 10-08-42 AM


I also plan on adding some isolated workouts on my own for areas that I would like to work on for definition.  I am sure I will be hitting up personal trainer Jason Wyns, CSCS for advice.  Remember you can work out with Jason here at FAITHPUSH.

Last year I entered the CrossFit Games for the first time and placed 211th world wide as a Master Athlete.  This year I am looking forward to seeing how my performance and skills have improved. The sport of CrossFit is growing so in numbers that I do not want to put emphasis on beating my placement number, though that would be welcomed bonus. I want to stretch my improvement to the limit.  I am going to start preparing by focusing and challenging myself with advancing in weights I use for workouts. Also, I want to make sure I am practicing and working on better form with the skills. It is great to have coaches who are watching and correcting weaknesses. Hmm “great” may not be the right word. Because honestly sometimes I am thinking, ok coach….move on….I am just trying to survive this one…. I KNOW my form needs work…. look away..shoo shoo…tomorrow is skill day.  I say that in jest.  I am thankful for coaches who watch and care.

Those two goals are enough for now. It is going to be a very busy first half of the year as we plan for our daughter’s wedding in May (Tori and Daniel’s Wedding Blog). This means I will be adding stress relief moments as needed.  The hot tub and hammock will be my friend.   That reminds me of another area that needs work, rest and good sleep.    Sleep is something we often short change ourselves, but a very essential part of recharging our energy and allowing our body to rejuvenate.  I lean toward nocturnal, but have to get up early in the mornings.  So that makes sleep a challenge and battle.  When I can try to make myself go to bed early, I lay there head spinning and still not able to sleep.  I am working on this. I do not have my recipe for solid sleep perfected  yet.  I may try the melatonin and Natural Calm again. I am far from a morning person, but I may give the 6am class a try.  Maybe then I won’t be  so wound up in the evening. That would be a really tough adjustment for me though. I have always felt more energy for twilight workouts.  Suggestions welcome. What is your routine? What changes  and goals are you aiming for in 2013?   You can always send me an email using the Contact Me form or leave your comments here on the post.

I am looking forward to this year unfolding.  Everyone in the family here is  in transition with new beginnings. New beginnings always brings a fresh outlook for the future and the things we hope for. Keep your vision and your hopes alive and your faith strong.