This is my beloved husband Michael and I. I love this man more every year. We have been through it all together and there is no one I would rather spend time with, than him. I love the empty nest and having this undivided time together. I enjoy just hanging out with my best friend, watching Miami Dolphins while in the hot tub, having our traditional bacon & egg  Sunday breakfast completed with fresh berries in champagne. Indeed, these are good days. I am thankful and take care to make the most of these moments. The best investment in the ones you love, is time. Time is our most precious commodity. Too often it is wasted on things that matter less.
Michael & Charlene
Miami Dolphins Game
Ben is our firstborn. He is high octane and you better be moving fast if you want to keep up with him. He lives, works (Jacksonville Running Company) and plays in Jacksonville Beach.  When he is not working or playing you will find him, training for a 50k, marathon, a triathlon, half marathon, 5k, Brazilian Ju Jitzu, adventure race, surfing, teaching grappling or anything that resembles competition. He always plays to win.  Then, in his spare time he is most likely planning some big huge event and organizing the details, while at the same time revamping his fantasy football line up.  I honestly have no idea if he actually sleeps. I think I just fatigued while typing this. Ben does not go anywhere where he does not find a friend. Literally. If you know him, you love him.  Ben has an amazing girlfriend Talia that can not only keep up with this fast pace, but challenges him like no one else can. You will see them both out on race course collecting medals.
Ben & Talia
Jason and his beautiful wife Nichole, they simply radiate life and I adore my daughter-in-love. Jason is a man of few words; however those still waters have always run deep and thought-full. When he does speak, if it is not something profound, it will be quirky quick wit and you will be laughing.  If I had to choose one word for Jason, it would be determined.  Always determined. Jason is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist*. (CSCS) and is the owner of Fitness 24/7  and Crossfit Chosen in Naples, FL. Both Jason and Nichole are certified coaches and personal trainers. Their enthusiasm and encouragement for fitness is infectious.  Together they are adventurous and outgoing, yet humble and serving. They too are running, lifting, sprinting, crossfitting, biking, hiking, competing and just crazy wicked fit. Their love and their faith are strong, truly an inspiration and testimony of God’s love.
I cannot leave out Jason and Nichole’s  ever entertaining Creasy Bear and boofy  Ellie Girl.  Because they are family too.
Creasy & Ellie
Tori our baby girl with her husband Daniel. So I  have a son-in-love also, which I am proud to call son. Tori, soon graduates as Elementary Education major at the University of Central Florida.  Daniel is an engineer at Harris Corporation, making some serious strides.  Tori has always been independent and unique with a beautiful quiet confidence.  But then again, she also has this challenging cheeky streak; I have no idea where she gets that? I guess having two older brothers has made her as tough as she is beautiful. Children and those younger than her gravitate and look up to her. Tori is going to be an amazing teacher and mother. She is extremely creative and a talented vocalist. Daniel and Tori are not just in harmony as a couple, they have amazing harmony and vocal blend. Daniel is also a creative musician. They both serve on the worship team at their church. It is a little scary to see all that creative talent in one couple. Look out world.
Tori & Daniel
Tori & Daniel
I have to say my most accomplished achievement has been mother to these. To see my grown children successful, confident, and making a difference in the world around them, is all the reward I would ever need.