So. Very. Wrong.

I know that this post has nothing to do with health or fitness and seemingly random. Yet, this is my blog and I made no promises to stay single minded, in post or purpose. Then again, keeping our minds stirred and thoughtful is keeping mentally fit. So, with that, I guess it does fit.   I watched a movie several years ago titled Memento. Memento is a collaborated work of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan. Maybe more recognized by most for the screenplays “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Memento is a difficult movie to watch. It is not a casual movie. It is a movie that you have to watch intently. I must warn you, if you have not seen it, it has graphic and violent content. This movie is uniquely written and directed, as the beginning of the movie is actually the end. You have to engage and pay attention to the black and white scenes interspersed with the scenes in color.  I had to watch it more than once to catch what I originally missed. This movie deals with memory, perception and self-deception. I have heard it defined that deception is actually the act of entertaining an illusion. We do it all the time without realizing it, and then we begin to believe things untrue about ourselves. Some of these lies and deceptions come from airbrushed and perfected images in media. How many times have we allowed such illusions to deceive us into believing thatshould be our reality? I have also seen countless grown women and men who have never got past deceptive lies blatantly told to them as a child, like “they will never amount to anything.” They have taken that lie and owned it. We have to be so careful what we speak over our children. Words hold power. Of all evil, deception angers me most. This was a little off the direction I wanted to go, but I could not resist unleashing a rant against deception of any kind. The movie “Memento” had me contemplating memories. How absolutely amazing is function of memories.  How even a faint scent can take us to a place in our past and stir us emotionally. A song can take us back to where we first heard it and what we were doing and feeling.  I became fascinated, and started evoking memories to identify what I thought and felt about them.  Admittedly,  I was spending way more time than anyone should in their own head. A deceptive memory of my own came to mind, here I confess to acts of deception.  One late night I ate lots of cookies, but didn’t want anyone to know I ate lots of cookies. So, I rearranged all the cookies to look like there were less in each row than packaged. It turned out that it only looked like three cookies were eaten instead of like, eight. I should not be so proud of this brilliant little deception, but it does make me smile and shake my head at how goofy I have been with food.   OK,  I was also one of those mom’s who hid in the closet to eat my candy bar because I didn’t want to share it with my kids. I am very capable of absurd activity. I will not expound or expose myself further on this matter. You get the picture.  Anyway, ……I also started to think about shared memories, how perception can cause two different people to interpret an experience and then store that memory differently. Our perception of that memory is what is real to us. That sparked some more introspection of my memories, and I began to play with words.

life is really a collection of moments
it is the moment we capture
it is the moment we remember
it is the moment we hold on to
recalling a moment
is to live it again
of course, the moment
is how we remember it
it may not be at all
the way it really happened
could memory be a liar?

or has our heart stored what’s true
and entwined it in our soul?