My Success Story

CrossFit + Paleo/Primal = Success
My birthday being in January, I started out last year with specific and headstrong goals. The first of which was to run at least one 5k event a month.  Despite actually placing in a few races (in my age group), that got old quick; I was already bored and disappointed with my plan.
      Honestly, I have never been a good runner. It wasn’t my sport.  I was a competitive gymnast, and then a professional dancer. I even landed a job as a magician’s assistant those years.  I started running in college because my best friend was a cross country runner. I quickly learned that running kept my weight in check.  Well, kept it in check until my forties. I noticed that no matter how much I ran, the weight would not drop. Even putting in long miles and training for half marathons. No significant weight loss. The cardio was not cutting through it all anymore.   In fact by late forties my weight had crept to an all time high. 5 foot nothing and 148 lbs. I have always been thick, even in competitive days. Now I was fat on top of the thick.  I felt huge.  Struggling, starving, and excessive cardio got me back to 136 by my January birthday.  Well, I was 136 in the middle of the week, on Mondays after any kind of weekend indulging I would be back up to 140ish. Indulging for me would be close to 1300-1500 calories.  During the week I kept between 800-1000cal., more often even lower.  I justified it by convincing myself, I am only 5 foot, so my body does not need more fuel than that. “Obviously, look at me.”  That quote became my defense to anyone who questioned my tactics. “I am eating plenty, obviously, look at me”.
     I resolved myself to the fact that being petite, premenopausal, and with age slowing metabolism that I had to fight back even harder. I kept running, kept pushing and kept restricting.  Logically, the math had to work, right? You burn more calories than you eat, you are supposed to lose.  It was all about the numbers and I was going to make the math work.  It never did and the failure was taking its emotional toll.
      Meantime, I began looking for more adventurous running events. My son, who is a tri athlete, had run some adventure races and was bragging about the “CrossFit” woman. He was commenting how bad @ss fit they were. How these woman were beast in these events.  That was enough to tweak my curiosity. I began to research “CrossFit” and watched some of your videos. There are some things that you do not need to think about. I knew CrossFit was for me before I showed up.
       CrossFit Pinnacle had my full attention. I have never been in any fitness venue ever where the coaches invested so much in my personal fitness and success.  The coaches at CrossFit Pinnacle are not “hired trainers” doing a job. They are coaches who are engaged and passionate about each member’s success.  It is not just the coaches that are inspiring; the CrossFit community has been a huge encouragement. Many times in awe, I have watched members finish up the class before mine, digging deep for strength and pushing past what they thought was their limit. Simply inspiring. There is a true bond in the CrossFit community that breeds a sense of pride in each other’s successes.  It is amazing how much harder you can push yourself when your peers are cheering and challenging you.
     A couple weeks into the routine I had a “nutrition” session with coach Nick.  I thought my food choices were good and wholesome. I thought I was informed and knowledgeable. I certainly could stamp my choices with a USDA approval. I left that nutrition session with a little bit of skepticism and crinkled brow.  “Wait? What? I need to eat more? I need more fat for fuel? Seriously? Whoa…that’s my wholesome whole wheat you’re talking about.” That session ended with a suggestion to read “The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson and “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf.  I devoured the books. Again, there are some things you do not need to think about. It just all made perfect sense to me.
            So, one year later I am at my fittest and healthier than ever. I have the papers to prove it. My yearly wellness check from work was off the chart in improvement. Priceless was the little dude’s expression when charting, and measuring my strength.   I have never felt stronger. I have lost weight, but don’t ask me how much. Somewhere along the line I divorced my scale and stopped counting calories. Freedom from that stress is liberating.  I became more focused on the fun and sense of accomplishment with each workout.  CrossFit is my sport and I am proud to be a part of the CrossFit Pinnacle team.
     I do not know if I can truly express how this sport makes me feel.  This year I competed in my first CrossFit Games, finished ranked 211th in my age group worldwide. I feel am no longer a “former” competitive athlete; I am once again an athlete, master athlete, approaching age 52, competing against my previous scores, competing against my previous max, and conquering new skills. Still, I am far from where I want to be, so I look forward to getting “coached” for another year.  Of course “coached” is not the word that comes to mind when I hear “You got 10 seconds, give me 5 more”.
        Thank you CrossFit Pinnacle coaches for your continuous encouragement and making my goals, your goal. For making my success, your success.
     Below is a visual journey of the past year.
Day one of CrossFit; a painfully honest view -   April 11,2011 138#
15 weeks CrossFit  and  12 weeks Primal/Paleo – July 23, 2011


November 2011 – Turkey Trot 5k with the family. Yes! Feeling my little self again….


January 2012 Birthday Run – Warrior Dash, finished 5th in my age group. Boom!


Wearing my daughter’s size 2 jeans…..just because I can.
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