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I am retiring from Crossfit, but I still have hope it is just a sabbatical. We will see.  With a degenerate AC joint and osteoarthritis it is too painful to perform any overhead movements right now. No more handstand push ups for this girl.  I want to clarify that this is NOT a crossfit injury. It is years of gymnastics and athletic wear and tear, combined with genetics and age.  Injury can happen with any sport but there are those who take pleasure in pointing out “CrossFit and injury”.  CrossFit Pinnacle has extremely attentive and comprehensive coaches who kept me in good form, leading me to my best year in 2012 Crossfit Open. I finished placing 15th in the SE Region and 211th worldwide in my masters age group.  Thank you coaches! So yeah, I am sad. I miss the intensity of WODs. I also miss playing and doing gymnasty stuff. That is probably what I miss the most.  Maybe with physical therapy I can eventually return to some of my favorite exercises.  Hey, aerial cartwheels are still an option.

Since “doing nothing”  is never an option I have returned to the road. I am teaming up with my son and running coach Ben, “Fun Guy Run Guy”.


Ben is a running specialist at Jacksonville Running Company. He will be coaching me back to half marathon distance.  Ben has written training programs ranging from beginners to advance for all levels of runners.  If you are interesting in learning more about his training guides you can find the information here at The Village Push.   Recently, he set me up with a training program for an 8k. His training schedule not only secured my progress,  I beat my goal finish time.  My goal was 55 minutes, and I finished in 54:15. Slow by most runners standards, but I’ll take it.  Next on the agenda is to continue to register for 5ks races. Then the plan is to run the Marine Half Marathon in Jacksonville in October.  I would like to continue on this course to complete the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2015 with my daughter, Tori.

This is just a short update.  I really should pay more attention to my site here. I will try to keep my progress more up to date.


Here is a picture from my very first half marathon. I am posting this picture for some mojo motivation. I look forward to completing my next half with some proper training and coaching. I have only ran few half marathons and  I winged them, with no real game plan.  Ready to strategize.


Have to put my gymnasty stuff aside for now, but I  like knowing I could do this past my 50 year mark and in my heart I still can. For now, I have my feet back on the ground, a spring in my step and new goals to accomplish.