Published on October 19, 2012, by in Triumphs.

Many of you know once upon a time,  I was a gymnast.  In order to be a real gymnast you have to know how to do a Glide Kip.  A Glide Kip is to gymnastics what a Muscle Up is to Crossfit. It is the coveted move to execute. It is also a basic transitional move for many other uneven bar movements. That said, it has now become my new goal to get my Glide Kip back. So, if you are at the park and happen to pass the monkey bars, you just may see me…… swinging life away.  Don’t mind me kids, just playing here. This is a couple of my many failed attempts, but now that I see what I am doing wrong….hopefully I can do the drills and make corrections. I just need to work on “pulling my pants up” or an “inverted deadlift” for the next step. I will be sure to post when I get the swing of things. It’s not always about the work, you have to have fun and for me this is just balls up fun.  Having fun is a perfect release from stress. Don’t forget to make time for fun. Get out and play!