Published on July 23, 2014, by in Motivation.

I would like to introduce you to The Village Push.  The Village Push is a community that not only rewards you for your fitness goals, but provides a multitude of fitness courses. You can participate in these courses right from your computer. So these workouts are available wherever you are, from your home, hotel, office….. I joined The Village Push to get a defined plan for improving my running goaIs. However, I got much more than just a training guide for running. There are so many fitness courses to choose from that compliment my training. The Village Push continues to add new courses and articles, so my workouts are never stale and I stay informed. I recently did an interview with The Village Push Chiefs, Josh Wilson and Ben Wyns. Thank you to the makeup artist for making me look like a rock star! Literally.


Check out The Village Push or if  you are ready  Join The Village Push

The Village Push