I have had a lot of people contact me this week asking for tips on diet. So this week I am going to list a few things that I  keep in mind to stay consistent.  Before I get to that, here are some updates for Cheeky Fit and Fifty.

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Just a few things to share that are constants for me.

1)      Be patient with yourself.  Allow yourself time and do not expect changes to be instant. Anything worthwhile is going to time and consistent effort.

2)      Back away from the scale!  The scale is never a good measurement of progress. Take pictures, measurements, and judge by how your clothes are fitting.  I do not completely avoid the scale, but I limit it to occasional visits.  See post. “Divorcing the Scale

3)      Eat when you are hungry, not by the clock. Don’t eat just because it is 12 o’clock and lunchtime. Check if you are truly hungry first.  I am normally not hungry when I first wake up, so I eat a very late breakfast, then a  late lunch (usually my largest meal) Dinner, if I am not hungry I do not eat. This is my body’s clock. Yours may be different.  On days where I may have an intense twilight workout, I will eat even though I am not hungry because I know my body needs recovery nutrients.

4)      Some  of you may have a difficult time with primal diet at first. I would suggest adjust to it in pieces if needed.

  1. First, no liquid calories. Cut out drinking your calories. No sugar, high fructose or corn syrup drinks.  Read labels! Drink water, unsweetened  tea, seltzer water, and NO sweeteners (even all natural no calorie kinds)
  2. Then eliminate t grains, yes even the whole wheat …yada yada …USDA push “You need wholesome grains…blah blah…fiber…blah blah.  Get your carbs and fiber from fruits  and vegetables.
  3. Take note of your sugar intake. You would be surprised by how much sugar is in processed food. Some of the  worst being foods labeled “Fat Free”
  4. On that note do not be afraid of fat. Bacon is your friend and makes everything taste better. I save my bacon grease and cook with it. My dairy, though limited, is full fat, heavy whipping cream, real butter, all natural cheese.  I am not at the place yet where all my meat is grassfed, and my entire dairy, raw. My budget does not allow that at this point but I make the best possible choices available with what I have to work with.

5)      Move. It doesn’t matter how. Do what you love best.  See “Fear Not” for some exercise motivation.

For my Vegan friends, I love you.  You know who you are. Some are already taking advantage of this wonderful site started by my niece Bethany and her husband John Eric. Bethany is so beautiful in every way. She left earth far too young and we miss her dearly. You can read more about Bethany  in Earth to Eternity.

Visit the Vegan







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